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Will my cat ever grow out of biting me and others? He is about 3 months old now... Is there anything that we can do to stop it?

Kittens are incredibly playful, so much so that most owners don’t realize how much play-time they need. The best advice I can give an owner with a play aggressive kitten is to increase interactive play. The Kitty Teaser is the perfect remedy! 

Not only is it my favorite toy for kitties of all ages but it really does hit the spot when it comes to satisfying a cat’s need to hunt.The light weight denim cloth can be scooted around mimicking a bug or mouse. This releases the hunting instinct to chase and pounce. Flicking the “bug” up in the air triggers a search response which is another component of the hunting process. Just the other day I had a nine month old kitten worn out and panting after ten minutes of play with the Kitty Teaser! Really, its a great product!

Be sure to schedule play sessions during times when your kitten is most likely to “attack”. Also, avoid using your hands, feet, or those odd glove toys with fluffy things that dangle from the finger tips. This reinforces the biting of body parts, which is your complaint! If your kitty does get over aroused during play, become a zombie (no looking, talking, or touching) and calmly walk away. You can also try having a magazine or piece of cardboard close by that can be inserted between you and the cat. Again, you are a zombie! He or she will learn that the fun ends when the teeth come out. As you establish appropriate play behavior with your kitten, the other behaviors will disappear as the enjoyment from interactive play with a toy becomes self-reinforcing.  

It’ll take some time but your cat will outgrow this. The exact timing varies depending on the cat. Be patient and good luck!

Thanks for your question!

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